Teaching Lower-Elementary Students during the Pandemic

Last week was our first TK-3rd Grade Group of 2022. The timing of it - the second week after winter break, and in the middle of the Omicron surge - almost convinced us to cancel the Zoom workshop. Teachers did not have any extra time. Everyone seemed to be either sick or running on fumes.

Grade Groups Bring California Teachers Together

Last week marked the start of the Grade Groups for K-2, 5, and 7.  As I Zoomed in and out of each group, I observed teachers sharing stories about what’s been going on in their classrooms – the good, the frustrating, the sad, and the glimmers of hope.  Grade Groups is an experiment for us in the CHSSP network.   We didn’t know what it would be like to pull together teachers from Poway, Kern, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, Stockton, and dozens more cities, and strategically plan for so many teaching contexts.  What I’ve seen so far has confirmed what we hoped could happe

Diversifying Perspectives in 8th Grade U.S. History

“With the reduced time to teach, being purposeful and selective is critical.”  This is how Katharine Cortes, Associate Director of the UC Davis History Project recently explained one of her goals for the 8th Grade Group that she will lead with Mary Robillard, a veteran 8th grade teacher from Rancho Medanos Junior High School in Pittsburgh.  Katharine and Mary will work with 8th-grade teachers to select, prioritize, and map essential content and skills that are especially important right now.&nb

Fifth-Grade Group to Integrate Curriculum

“Teachers thrive on person-to-person contact. We all want to feel connected during this unprecedented school year. The Fifth Grade Group will strive to create a community of dedicated educators, while providing content and strategies that are ready to use in a distanced or traditional classroom.”  This is how Kate Bowen, a veteran 5th-grade teacher from Davis and long-time CHSSP teacher leader, described one of her goals for the Grade Group.

Interdisciplinary Approach to Guide 3-4 Grade Group

Stella Nagac D’Arceaux believes that, “…there is a need to amplify indigenous voices and diverse perspectives to history.”  The elementary school teacher at Westwood Charter in Los Angeles is especially excited to address indigenous history and modern-day civil rights efforts as she partners with CHSSP historian Shelley Brooks as together they lead the 3rd and 4th series in our newest online program, Grade Groups.

Race and Social Inequality in 7th Grade World History

Shennan Hutton and Stacey Greer are excited about 7th Grade.  The two longtime world history leaders are eager to explore how to “teach about race and social inequality in 7th grade world history,” according to Hutton, a former high school world history teacher, current UC Davis lecturer, and writer of the 7th grade Framework chapter along with the Sites of Encounter Blueprint Unit (including this fantastic map).  Hutton is partn