Educator Fellowship

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In 2022, the California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP), in partnership with California Revealed (CA-R), created an Educator Fellowship program. This is a special opportunity for California's K-12 educators to research and create curricular materials in history and the social sciences using CA-R’s digital collections, of which sound and moving images are especially vast.

Meet our 2023-2024 Educator Fellows


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Mary Lane

Mary is a third- and fourth-grade teacher at Barbara Comstock Morse Elementary School in Sacramento, CA. A teacher for nine years, Mary is constantly looking for new ways to engage her students in culturally relevant pedagogy. She strongly believes that to learn history, students need to understand how it interacts with their current lives and to hear the stories of those who look like them. Mary plans to use CA-R's archival materials to engage students in storytelling with their own family histories, since many of the primary sources give students a starting point to learn about the immigration patterns that brought people to California. Because many of her students are first- or second-generation immigrants, Mary hopes this project will be a great way to introduce primary sources at the elementary level.


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Eunice Ho

Eunice is an educator working at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center on an AAPI multimedia textbook project, “Foundation and Futures.” She has had great success teaching with primary sources in the classroom, including using the Asian American Political Alliance Oral History Project to create a character mixer activity, which allowed her students to explore the political origins of the label “Asian American.” As an Ethnic Studies educator, Eunice believes in looking both in and beyond official archives to counter archival silences and center community members as knowledge-producers. She is excited that the Educator Fellowship will help her further the discipline of Ethnic Studies, by using the CA-R archives to celebrate, remember, and learn from those who paved a way for us.

Resources Created by Past Educator Fellows