Teaching California

Teaching California

About Teaching California.  In 2017, the California Historical Society was awarded funding from the State of California to develop an online collection of primary source sets, aligned to the 2016 History-Social Science Framework, known as Teaching California.  The California History-Social Science Project is a subcontractor and partner in this project, tasked with the content development of these sets for grades K-12.  

About the Source Sets.  Each set we developed contains a collection of 6-10 primary sources, excerpted for the appropriate grade level.  Each of these sources is paired with secondary context, and the full collection includes a short teacher background, and at least one literacy strategy, aligned to California's ELD and Common Core Standards.  

How to Access the Source Sets.  The Historical Society has 30 source sets available on their Teaching California beta site, which offers educators the ability to download high-resolution versions of individual primary sources.  Those sets, organized collectively in PDFs, are also available for download below, as well as 49 more.  

Kindergarten - Understanding Now and Long Ago

1st Grade - Time and Space

2nd Grade - People Who Make a Difference

3rd Grade - Community History

4th Grade - California History

5th Grade US History & Geography (Exploration - 18th C. US History)

6th Grade Ancient World History & Geography

7th Grade Medieval & Early Modern World History & Geography

8th Grade 19th C. US History & Geography

Ethnic Studies

10th Grade 20th C. World History & Geography

11th Grade 20th C. US History & Geography

12th Grade Government

12th Grade Economics