New Marchand Interns Faith and Nina

The Marchand Center Grows!

The California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP) is a key partner of the Roland Marchand Center for Public Engagement at UC Davis. We are excited to announce that we have spent much of this summer training and working with graduate students on campus to support TK-12 education. 

Our two inaugural Marchand Public Engagement Interns, Vanessa Madrigal-Lauchland and Daniel Castaneda, have completed two productive years and have moved on to new opportunities. We are grateful for their work and are excited to announce their successors, Faith Bennett and Nina Gonzalez. 

Faith Bennett is a fifth-year PhD candidate in History with a Designated Emphasis in Feminist Theory and Research at the University of California, Davis. She is from Jacksonville, Florida and is currently working on a dissertation that is a political history of bar, café, and restaurant workers in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a former museum worker with a passion for public history, Faith is excited to work with educators who provide their students with daily opportunities to connect with history.

Nina Gonzalez is a fourth-year history PhD student at the University of California, Davis from El Paso, Texas. Her research focuses include U.S. conservatism, radical and extremist groups, immigration restriction, conspiracy theories, and the history and legacy of white supremacy in the late 19th and 20th century United States. As a Latina student with learning disabilities, Nina is especially passionate about finding innovative ways to make public education more inclusive and accessible to all types of learners.

In addition to the newest Marchand Interns, we are also excited to have Marchand Fellows who are working on projects across our network, including:

Asia Ivey is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology who is collaborating on a variety of  K-12 Ethnic Studies programs 

Ellie Kaplan is a Ph.D. student in history who has been supporting the CHSSP partnership with the Yolo County Youth Civics Initiative.

Zeph Fleetwood is a Ph.D. candidate in history who will work with us on environmental literacy projects.

Louisa Brandt is a Ph.D. candidate in history who participated in the Cruz Reynoso Summer Institute and is a part of a Marchand Center Public Impact Research Initiative grant.

We are excited to provide graduate students at UC Davis with opportunities for public service, by bridging TK-12 education and university scholarship. Over the year, we will feature these students and the excellent work they produce, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates! 

Learn more about the Roland Marchand Center for Public Engagement here.

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