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New Sources for 7th Grade World History

Students in 7th grade often read in their textbooks that the Mongols were the terrifying conquerors of the largest land empire in world history.  But look at these three representations of Mongols. 

Race and Social Inequality in 7th Grade World History

Shennan Hutton and Stacey Greer are excited about 7th Grade.  The two longtime world history leaders are eager to explore how to “teach about race and social inequality in 7th grade world history,” according to Hutton, a former high school world history teacher, current UC Davis lecturer, and writer of the 7th grade Framework chapter along with the Sites of Encounter Blueprint Unit (including this fantastic map).  Hutton is partnering with

Watsonville Teacher Attends to Student Needs First

Ryan Jones, a world history teacher at Watsonville High School in Santa Cruz County, and a teacher leader with the History and Civics Project at UC Santa Cruz, last taught his students in person more than two months ago.