November: Indigenous History Month

Welcome to Indigenous History Month. Throughout November, resources like Inquiry Sets, picture books, and lesson plans will highlight many ways to incorporate Indigenous history and current topics into TK-12th grade classrooms.  Teachers will notice the prominence of Indigenous voices, and the way that scholarship is informing classroom instruction through a focus on themes like agency, resistance, and persistence. Check out the Monthly Highlights page to access the collection.

Rethinking Civics Education

This month, we will turn our attention to civics education. Every two years, we find ourselves in October near the end of the political campaign season. California has no statewide scheduled elections in November 2021, but that does not mean civic engagement stops. Instead, we have a moment to think about our local area, state, and nation outside of the context of an election. A way to do this is to consider the idea of civic learning.

Evacuees Today, California’s Students Tomorrow

It is highly likely that today’s Afghan evacuees are your students tomorrow, or sometime in the near future. California is presently and historically a magnet for newcomers—immigrants and refugees alike. Fleeing from persecution is just the beginning of a perilous journey towards an unknown destination for safety. That was my family’s refugee experience. 

Monthly Highlights and Focused Resources

Starting this September, we are launching a new feature on our website called Monthly Highlights. We plan to use this page as a central location for resources related to an identified monthly theme. On the page, you will find resources ranging from blog posts, featured lesson plans, teacher highlights, featured scholarship, and picture book resources. Our goal is to provide you with ready-to-use resources that will allow you to connect with our theme for the month. 

Teach Asian American and Pacific Islander History

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. I am Chinese and Vietnamese, so at home, it’s AAPI love and appreciation all the time. This year’s AAPI heritage month, however, feels more weighted. Even my mom feels it.