Teach Asian American and Pacific Islander History

May 13, 2021

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. I am Chinese and Vietnamese, so at home, it’s AAPI love and appreciation all the time. This year’s AAPI heritage month, however, feels more weighted. Even my mom feels it.

Summer 2021 Programs

May 06, 2021

As we near the end of another very difficult school year, we hope you'll consider joining us for one or more of our summer programs for educators:

Teaching Hard History

April 27, 2021

How can conversations across the K-16 continuum and beyond help us more effectively address pedagogical challenges and contested or controversial histories?  This is the question that the 2021 Teaching History Conference will consider.  Hosted by the UC Davis History Project, and occurring online on May 7-8, the conference provides a space for historians and educators to discuss “teaching hard history.”  Teaching hard history happens

New Sources for 7th Grade World History

April 02, 2021

Students in 7th grade often read in their textbooks that the Mongols were the terrifying conquerors of the largest land empire in world history.  But look at these three representations of Mongols. 

Teaching [world history students in] California

February 24, 2021

World history teachers, please read at least the first paragraph of this blog!  There are new resources available for teaching 6th, 7th and 10th-grade world history: the Teaching California inquiry sets.  But I fear many world history teachers are looking at the “Teaching California” title and assuming that these sets are all on California history.  This is not correct!  The title ought to be “Teaching History to Students in California.”  In this collection, there are 7 inquiry sets

How a Historical Database Can Encourage Student Inquiry

February 17, 2021
University of Washington's America's Great Migrations Project Offers Data that Promotes Student Inquiry

Recently I was preparing for a grade group session on immigration and migration to California and I came across a collection of data that I wish I had known about earlier. Perhaps you have yet to see this too, so in the interest of sharing a promising teaching tool I will explain how I think it can be useful for students at all grade levels.

Veteran Teacher Supports Remote Instruction Amid Pandemic

February 05, 2021

In pre-pandemic times, Linda Biewer-Elstob, a veteran teacher and instructional coach with the Davis Joint Unified School District, wore many hats as a math, writing and history-social science coach.  Over the past ten months, she has taken on so many roles that it’s hard to even name them, though we’ll try: Ethnic Studies Task Force Leader, professional development provider, curriculum creator, lesson study facilitator, fellow with the California Global Studies Project, and co-leader of the