Patriots & Grievances?

Who were the Patriots? What were their grievances?  Download Primary Source Set: Who were the Patriots? What were their grievances? 

“The events leading to the Revolutionary War may be presented as a dramatic story, but contingency should be continually emphasized. It was not until 1776 that colonists united in their declaration of independence.

The Constitution

What was The Great Compromise? And how did the Constitution get ratified with the inclusion of the Bill of Rights? Download Primary Source Set: The Constitution

The U. S. Constitution vested the federal government with power divided among three branches, while it also preserved states’ and individual rights. Teachers can use the metaphor of a three-legged stool to describe the three branches of government.

Introduction to the Constitution

What was the purpose of the Preamble? Download Lesson: Introduction to the Constitution

This 5th grade lesson is designed as an introduction to the study of the Constitution. The lesson’s focus on the language of the Preamble provides teachers with an opportunity to increase student reading comprehension and disciplinary understanding. Through a close reading of the Preamble, students can further develop their ability to compare and contrast documents and make their own historical interpretations.

Articles of Confederation

What were the Articles of Confederation? Why did they ultimately fail? Download Primary Source Set: Articles of Confederation

This source set allows students to study reasons why the Articles of Confederation were drafted, what their limitations were, and how these limitations led to the need for a stronger federal government.

Road to American Revolution

Why did colonists start to rebel against Great Britain? Download Primary Source Set: Road to American Revolution 


This source set will allow students to explore the major events that led to the American Revolution, focusing on the Parliamentary Acts and the colonists’ response to them.

The Stamp Act

How did the Stamp Act increase tensions in the colonies? Download Lesson: The Stamp Act

This 5th grade lesson is designed as a starting point to the study of the American Revolution. The lesson’s focus on the Stamp Act provides teachers with an opportunity to increase student reading comprehension and disciplinary understanding. Through analysis of primary sources—letters, declarations, and images—students will make historical interpretations of the revolutionary sparks ignited by the Stamp Act.

Native American Systems of Government

How were different groups of North American Indians organized into systems of governments and confederacies? Download the Primary Source Set: Native American Systems of Government

This set of sources explores the many different ways that Native American groups organized themselves into social and political kinship structures that include clans, bands, tribes, nations, and confederacies.

A Cow's Tale

What is this cow thinking? Download Primary Source Set:  A Cow's Tale

This cow is undoubtedly thinking that she'd like to be roaming somewhere in a nice green field, far far away from the University of California, where she could run wild, eat all the grass she wanted, and not be bothered by any students or faculty.  This cow's name is Maisie, an overused name for cows, but appropriate, nevertheless.  She's four years old and hopes that when her time is done here at UC Davis, she'll be able to