How has the post–Cold War world and globalization facilitated extremist and terrorist organizations? Download Primary Source Set: Terrorism


Rwandan Genocide

How have nations struggled in similar and different ways to achieve economic, political, and social stability? Download Primary Source Set: Rwandan Genocide

The inquiry set examines the causes and effects of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and the recovery afterward with an emphasis on these significant historical factors: the history of population groups and identity in Rwanda, the colonial legacy, international involvement in genocides within nation-states, and the limits of government control and in


What was Churchill’s purpose in giving this speech? Download Primary Source Set: WWII

The lesson starts by building historical context and content vocabulary. Students do multiple readings while taking different points of view, then use what they’ve learned to take part in a scored class discussion in which they use powerful and persuasive language. Additional resources have also been provided for 10th grade world history teachers, who want to use this source in their WWII instructional units.

Rise of Communism & Fascism

Why did communism and fascism appeal to Europeans in the 1930s? How did propaganda contribute to the appeal of communism and fascism to Europeans and Japanese in the inter-war period (1920s and 1930s)?  Download Primary Source Set: Rise of Communism & Fascism

This set examines how totalitarian leaders of the Soviet Union, Italy, Germany and Japan used propaganda as they tried to promote communism and fascism in the period between the two world wars.

Effects of WWI (Middle East Maps)

How did agreements dating from the WWI and post-war periods impact the map of the Middle East? Download Primary Source Set: Effects of WWI (Middle East Maps) 

During World War I and at the Paris Peace Conference, Britain and France made conflicting promises to Arab and Jewish leaders and to each other about the territories of Middle East. The result was a division of the territory into mandates and the creation of nations and borders that contribute to conflict today.

Mexican Revolution

What were the causes and effects of the Mexican Revolution? Download Primary Source Set: The Mexican Revolution

This set provides sources from multiple perspectives on the Mexican Revolution, the defining event of modern Mexican history. The economic policies of Porfirio Díaz, unequal distribution of land, deeply entrenched economic inequality, and undemocratic institutions were the major causes of the revolution.

Armenian Genocide

What were the consequences of World War I for the Armenians? Download Primary Source Set: Armenian Genocide

The term “genocide” and its codification in international law originate in the mass killing of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire during World War I. It was the first genocide of the twentieth century.


What were the results of the Industrial Revolution? How was technology and the environment transformed by industrialization? Download Primary Source Set: Cholera

This source set supports a case study of the effects of the Industrial Revolution. It treats industrialization and imperialism as two interconnected developments, with primary sources from both the metropole, London, and the colony of India.