Describe the entrepreneurial characteristics of early explorers (e.g., Christopher Columbus, Francisco Vásquez de Coronado) and the technological developments that made sea exploration by latitude and longitude possible (e.g., compass, sextant, astrolabe, seaworthy ships, chronometers, gunpowder).

A Cow's Tale

What is this cow thinking? Download Primary Source Set:  A Cow's Tale

This cow is undoubtedly thinking that she'd like to be roaming somewhere in a nice green field, far far away from the University of California, where she could run wild, eat all the grass she wanted, and not be bothered by any students or faculty.  This cow's name is Maisie, an overused name for cows, but appropriate, nevertheless.  She's four years old and hopes that when her time is done here at UC Davis, she'll be able to

Age of Exploration

Why did Europeans explore? Download Primary Source Set: Age of Exploration

This source set considers European and indigenous accounts to identify the reasons that Europeans set out to explore the Americas.