Explain how the Founding Fathers’ realistic view of human nature led directly to the establishment of a constitutional system that limited the power of the governors and the governed as articulated in the Federalist Papers.

How are Resources Allocated

How are resources allocated? Download Primary Source Set: How are Resources Allocated

This set looks at allocation of resources with the use of scarcity as the lens. Factors of Production will be defined, as will physical and human capital. The inquiry set will focus on personal decisions regarding use of resources as well as societal/national use of resources.

Government Power

This inquiry set introduces essential documents and organizing principles of the United States government. This set brings the student to the center of these abstract texts and principles by posing the question “how much power should the government have over citizens?” This question has been the subject of much rhetoric, debate, and protest over the country’s history. Students will read and evaluate how important founding documents sought to address this question.