Why Do People Move?

Spanish Flat, Gold Rush. Starkweather, J. B. (Joseph B.). Spanish Flat, circa 1852. California History Room, California State Library, Sacramento, California, California History Section Picture Catalog. ttps://calisphere.org/item/6403e44f6f37b5b24707378d7241f2b6/

Why do people move?

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This inquiry set is designed to take place after students have had the opportunity to research family and/or local history with the desired outcome of answering the question(s), “Why did my family settle in California?” or “Why did families decide to settle in our region?” While being careful to respect that many students may not know or want to discuss their own family circumstances, teachers should take time to explain the circumstances by which people have come to the community. Most Californians have stories that relate to movement – grandparents or great-grandparents likely came from other regions, states, or countries. Acknowledging the diversity of the community is one way to build an inclusive classroom environment; studying similarities and differences in this movement allows second graders to make connections between their current and past communities. Doing informal research will hopefully include identifying which family members came to California, the reason for the move to California, and what the family did once they arrived in the state.