Current Context

Teaching current events provides a particular challenge in the history classroom.  The most readily available sources - news articles - are geared toward recent events and do not provide the long-term historical view necessary for students to understand why an event unfolds the way it does, and how it relates to their history class.  Current Context helps students understand today by putting current events in their appropriate historical context. Each report includes a background, a timeline of significant events, a map, & links to useful resources.

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Current Context Issue Related Teaching Tools (CHSSP Blog)
The Coronavirus, Animals, and Human Health Teaching about Pandemics
Civic Engagement, Government, and Climate Change
Tracking Climate Change's impact on Agriculture
Our Complicated Relationship with Fire
Mapping California's Air Quality
Teaching with Fire
Plastics in the Oceans: Another Challenge
Tracking Air Quality in California
Civic Education Resources
Water Footprints
Teaching about Stakeholders in the Oil Drilling Debate
The Roots of our Immigration Crisis
Debating the Purpose of Public Lands
Land Use and Predators (12.7.17) Teaching about Land Use
Iran Nuclear Deal & Nuclear Energy (10.24.17) Teaching about Nuclear Energy
Water in CA (9.26.17) Teaching about California's Water Supply
Fire (09.01.2017) Teaching with Fire
Climate Change, update (6.2.17) Taking Action on Climate Change
Voting Rights (5.31.17) Is Voting a Civil Rights Issue?
Syrian Civil War, update (4.12.17) Charting the Civil War in Syria
ISIS, update (8.1.16) Studying the Borders of Conflict in Iraq and Syria
Syrian Civil War (4.19.16) Charting the Civil War in Syria
Climate Change (12.17.15) Taking Action on Climate Change
Syria and the Refugee Crisis (10.6.15) Examining European Responses to the Refugee Crisis
Iran Nuclear Deal (9.4.15) Iran and the U.S.
Boko Haram, update (7.22.15) Beyond the Violence: Nigeria from a Socio-economic Perspective
California Drought, update (5.19.15) California's Watersheds
Cuba & the U.S. (3.31.15) U.S.-Cuban Relations during the Cold War and Today
Ukraine Crisis (2.27.15) Teaching the Ukraine Crisis with Maps
Civil Protest (12.18.14) From Watts to Ferguson:  Persistent Structural Inequality
Hong Kong Protests (10.29.14) Roots of the Hong Kong Protest
Islamic State (10.07.14) Studying the Borders of Conflict in Iraq and Syria
California Drought (08.20.14) Engaging Students in Thinking about the Drought
Islamic State (07.16.14) Studying the Borders of Conflict in Iraq and Syria
Boko Haram / Nigeria (06.04.14) Beyond the Violence:  Nigeria from a Socio-economic Perspective
Ukraine & Crimea (05.09.14) Teaching the Ukraine Crisis with Maps