Local Histories of Racism

UCB Sather Gate

Event Date

UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project

Hosted by the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project, this four-part series builds on UCBHSSP's successful Making History approach.  Educators will be invited to explore the racist histories of their communities and to think about how to invite students into the process of learning about the past and determining strategies for repair.

  • Session 1 (7/8): How have other communities explored their past and determine steps of reparation?
  • Session 2 (7/10): How can Iearn about the history of race and racism in my community?
  • Session 3 (7/22): How can I share what I found with students?
  • Session 4 (7/24): What might transitional justice look like in my community?

Registration coming soon; bookmark the UCBHSSP programs page for the latest.