Inquiry Now: Equity-Centered Instructional Leadership @ the Sonoma County Office of Education


Event Date

Sonoma County Office of Education

Join our upcoming Inquiry Now Workshop, April 2-3 at the Sonoma County Office of Education

About the workshop:

  • For district leaders, site leaders, and teacher leaders in the North Bay Region.

  • Inquiry Based instruction: Inquiry-based instruction shifts the power dynamics of classrooms, by giving students (as well as underrepresented communities and perspectives) more voice, independence, and authority.

  • In this workshop you will: Develop your capacity as an instructional leader to support instruction that is student-centered, develops student abilities to appreciate the perspective of others, analyzes and addresses social injustice, and addresses classroom, school, and community concerns. Develop tools to help teachers engage in inquiry to deepen student learning facilitate and support the teacher dispositional shift that will allow for more student choice and voice practice strategies to effectively collaborate with teachers to build a vision for equity-focused inquiry-based instruction across the disciplines.