Indigenous Voices: Teaching the World with Graphic Histories - Michael Vann Discusses The Great Hanoi Rat Hunt


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This FREE four-part webinar series features authors of graphic histories discussing their books, teaching applications of their research, and conversations with K-12 teachers about how to incorporate graphic histories into the classroom.  Each session will also include a grade-level aligned lesson focused on World History and Ethnic Studies.  

January 12: Michael Vann and Liz Clarke, The Great Hanoi Rat Hunt: Empire, Disease, and Modernity in French Colonial Vietnam

The French colonial state wanted to make Hanoi a model of European modernity, which involved, among other things, getting rid of rats that infested the new sewer system.  The French paid indigenous Vietnamese a bounty for rat tails, a program that the indigenous hunters transformed into a money-making enterprise at the expense of the French.  The history shows the racialized economic inequality inherent in colonialism, the French colonial "civilizing mission," Vietnamese resistance, and the history of disease.

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