CHSSP Teacher Leadership Institute

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UC Davis

2023 CHSSP Teacher Leadership Summer Institute


  • The CHSSP invites teachers from the Central Valley to apply to join a Teacher Leadership Summer Institute.
  • This summer, the CHSSP is assembling a group of teacher leaders to convene for the week of June 26-30, with two follow-up Saturdays during the year.
  • Teacher leaders will hear presentations from leading scholars, collaborate on new resources, and hone their presentation skills.
  • The CHSSP is especially interested in working with teachers who wish to become more specialized as presenters in the following areas: 1) civics; 2) elementary social studies; 3) environmental literacy; 4) ethnic studies.
  • June 26-30 at UC Davis.  For teacher leaders traveling more than 100 miles, the CHSSP is able to pay for lodging at a nearby hotel.
  • Two follow-up Saturdays will happen in October and March, along with three online afternoon meetings.
  • On the campus of UC Davis.
  • Click here to apply!  Applicants will be asked to upload a resume and recent work sample.
  • Deadline to apply is March 8!
  • To collaborate on best practices with history-social science educators from around the state!
  • To improve your craft and serve as a leader on a statewide level.
  • Please email Beth Slutsky ( with any questions.
  • Deadline to apply is March 8!