Offshore Oil Drilling

a time to drill?

The Department of the Interior and President Trump recently announced plans to open the largest amount of offshore areas to oil exploration in the nation’s history. This comes at a time when oil prices are relatively low due to high production levels, and eight years after the Deepwater Horizon spill off the coast of Louisiana that led to numerous deaths and an ongoing economic impact estimated at over $8 billion. Such a move at this time reveals that the administration is primarily concerned about decreasing the United States’ reliance upon foreign oil. Trump has called for America’s energy dominance, specifically in terms of fossil fuels. This move stands in stark contrast to the principles established by the Paris Agreement on climate, signed by 173 countries, to work toward limiting the world’s temperature rise. This rise, associated with climate change, is caused in part by the burning of fossil fuels. The offshore oil decision is also out of step with decisions made by countries like Germany and India that have committed to all-electric vehicles as a means to reduce the burning of fossil fuels.

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