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Historical Writing Criteria

                                                              Criteria and Descriptions


Thesis and Argument

Historical Evidence

Historical Thinking (Evidence)

Clarity in Writing

What is your argument?

How does evidence support an argument?

How do you interpret evidence to support your historical argument?

How clearly do you develop and communicate your argument?

  • Provides relevant, appropriate, and historically accurate evidence from a variety of sources
  • Categorizes evidence
  • Explains source(s) used as evidence
  • Accounts for the source’s point of view and/or argument
  • Effectively explains evidence using appropriate historical thinking skills*
  • Explicitly connects the interpretation of evidence to the thesis
  • Corroborates and synthesizes multiple pieces of evidence to support argument
  • Shows organization
  • Uses clear discipline-specific language and tone appropriate for intended audience
  • Demonstrates appropriate use of grammar and spelling
  • Introduction and conclusion extend beyond a restatement of writing prompt