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HSS Textbook Adoption Resources

As you prepare to review, pilot, and adopt instructional materials that align with California’s new History-Social Science Framework, we hope to provide you with the tools you’ll need to conduct a review of available instructional materials.  As the Primary Writers of the new Framework, we’re keenly aware of the instructional shifts embedded within the document and are well aware of the challenges teachers face when trying to implement an inquiry-based instructional approach that prioritizes the development of student content knowledge and literacy.  It is hard to find sources that are accessible for your students, that address the content at hand, and are easy to integrate into your regular classroom instruction. 

Given those challenges, making a decision about what book to buy for what grade is difficult, to say the least.  Moreover, schools don’t buy new materials in history-social science very often.  Twelve years have passed since the last adoption in 2005; schools that choose to adopt in 2018 are under significant pressure to make the right decision – for today’s students and those in the future.

Adoption Resources

Local CHSSP Representatives

Looking for an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator for your instructional materials adoption committee?  Contact the CHSSP Statewide Office (; 530-752-0572); we'll connect you with one of our regional leads.