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#IamCHSSP: Stacey Greer

created Jun 10, 2015 09:41 AM

In this interview, educator and consultant Stacey Greer describes her connection with the California History-Social Science Project, how she first become involved and some of her accomplishments. Help us thank leaders like Stacey for their work at our 25th Anniversary celebration this November at UCLA.

 “I participated in my first History Project at UC Davis workshop on the Cold War as a pre-service teacher in 1995 or 1996, and completed my first summer institute, Literature and Narrative in History in 1999 (?). I drew the short straw at that program, and had to be the first teacher to present a lesson from my classroom in front of the other more experienced participants; I was so nervous! I guess the Project liked it, since they kept asking me back. I gladly accepted, having found a community all working toward rich, engaging, inquiry, and primary source based history teaching. 

“In 2001, then UCD Project Director Nancy McTygue provided me with my first leadership opportunity—as the leader of a new a series called Writing in the History Classroom. This marked the beginning of my work with literacy.  It was exciting to work with other expert teachers to develop practical tips for improving writing and share those activities with other teachers both in the Sacramento region and throughout the state network.

“At the same time, the Project began collaborating with Mary Schleppegrell, [then Associate Professor of Linguistics and Director of English as a Second Language, University of California, Davis], to research linguistic analysis of historical texts to help English learners and students with low literacy break down and analyze complex history text in a discipline-specific manner.  Soon we integrated all of the Project’s literacy efforts to create the Building Academic Literacy through History program. 

“In 2003, I joined the History Project at UC Davis full time as the Literacy Coordinator to continue the efforts to translate the linguistics research and into practical applications and replicable instructional models that teachers would find useful for students. That first year, I coordinated the CHSSP Literacy Leadership Retreat to share this groundbreaking literacy work that the UC Davis and UC Berkeley sites were working on across all of the network sites. This was an exciting opportunity to work with colleagues across the state. I thrived on this professional collaboration throughout my tenure with the Project, because it pushed us to ask hard questions to improve discipline-specific literacy instruction in history.

“I believe this collaboration among the sites in literacy specific to the discipline of history is what equipped the California History-Social Science Project to make a strong transition as support providers in implementing the Common Core State Standards.  My final work at the UCD Project was to lead our first Teaching the Common Core State Standards through History-Social Science Instruction summer institute in 2012. Over my time at the project I led many world history and US History programs, but I benefitted most from the opportunities to collaborate with the CHSSP network on literacy and I am most proud of my contributions to the CHSSP literacy work.”

-Stacey Greer, Education Programs Consultant at California Department of Education