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#IamCHSSP: Chrislaine Pamphile Miller

created Jun 10, 2015 09:59 AM

Teacher facilitator Chrislaine Pamphile Miller is the focus of this post. She describes her connection with the California History-Social Science Project, how she first became involved and a favorite moment from a summer institute. Help us thank teacher leaders like Chrislaine for their work at our 25th Anniversary celebration this November at UCLA.

“Currently, I am a teacher facilitator with the UC Berkeley History Social Science Project. I first became involved with UCBHSSP in 2001 as a middle school teacher in the Oakland Unified School District, where I participated in several summer institutes as a classroom teacher. Inspired by this experience with this program, I returned to graduate school for a Ph.D. in history and currently work at California State University Monterey Bay and Santa Clara University as a lecturer in the Global Studies and history departments.

“In addition to my teaching, I also work with UCBHSSP as a teacher facilitator for the summer Common Core Institutes and throughout the school year in the Santa Clara Unified School District teaching historical literacy strategies to middle and high school teachers.

“A recent favorite moment with the History Social Science Project occurred last summer, when I shared an undergraduate assignment with the Common Core Summer Institute participants. I demonstrated how I use literacy strategies with first-year university students and then had the teachers in the audience provide me with feedback for my lesson using the Lesson Protocol that we ask teachers to practice in the institute. I really enjoyed hearing how teachers appreciated learning that the literacy strategies are still relevant at the university level, and how seeing the Protocol in action took some of the worry about sharing their student work with participants.

“Among the valuable elements of the HSSP, the greatest is providing teachers the time and space to work on their practice and learn how to use best practices in their classrooms. I hope the HSSP continues to work to bring useful and inspiring professional development opportunities to elementary, middle, and high school history teachers by maintaining connections with university-level scholarship.”

-          Chrislaine Pamphile Miller, Ph.D.

Lecturer, CSU Monterey Bay & Santa Clara University

UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project