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Writing from Primary Sources

Writing from Primary Sources:

This session will present strategies for analyzing primary source texts, formulating an argument and writing.  While all secondary teachers may be interested, the session will use world history sources (from Grade 10 source set “10.10b Sea Level Rise in Tuvalu”) in a source set designed for an investigative question from the framework.  We will offer some content instruction, but the focus will be on demonstrating strategies and having teachers practice with the primary sources.  The tool kit of strategies will include excerpting sources, annotating text using Google comment, dissecting an argument, citing evidence, and analyzing evidence.  Although some strategies will be appropriate for those who read at grade level, there will be an emphasis on strategies for English learners and those who read below grade level.  We will include writing scaffolds as well.  Teachers will also receive sources for Grades 6 and 7, and perhaps for 8 and 11, so that they can make use of the strategies specific to their grade level(s).

Presentation Team:

  • Shennan Hutton, California History-Social Science Project
  • Tracy Wilson, Placer County Office of Education