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Global Education

Global Education:

In this session, teachers will be introduced to the Global Competence Framework developed by CGEP and enhanced with benchmarks developed by the California Global Education Network (CDE, CWLP). Based on global competence domains, indicators, benchmarks, and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, teachers will bring a “global perspective” to their K-12 course of study for History-Social Science. They will be guided by the seven themes outlined in Appendix B of the H-SS Framework as teachers consider problems, questions, and themes in the History and Geography classroom. They will also use information presented in Appendix D (Teaching the Contemporary World) to explore globalization as a key theme for teaching history and geography across the grades. Attention will also be paid to Appendices E (Civic Education) & G (Environmental Education). Yes, this is a lot! But there is a rich quality that can be brought to every standards-based H-SS program when the teacher understands, integrates, and teaches global competence. Teachers will be provided examples, models, and strategies for using a global perspective to engage students in the development of H-SS knowledge, global competence skills, and agency required of citizens at local and global scales.  

Presentation Team:

  • Nancy Case-Rico, Sonoma State Global Education Project
  • Connie DeCapite, CSU Fullerton Global Education Project
  • Emily Schell, California Global Education Project
  • Barbara Vallejo-Doten, Long Beach Global Education Project