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Framework Aligned Assessment: Measuring CLIC

Framework Aligned Assessment: Measuring CLIC

This session will support teachers to understand how to measure student learning of each element of the Framework through content, literacy, inquiry, and citizenship (CLIC). It will offer teachers practical examples that they can then use to develop their own assessments. The session will begin with examples of different types of assessments, such as constructed response, that allow us to measure specific aspects of CLIC. It will provide examples as well as frames and templates to support teachers to develop their own assessments. Teachers will then break into grade level groups and we will offer grade-level sources for teachers to use as stimuli to develop assessments. Teachers will provide feedback to one another and have time for reflection and revision. The assessments developed in the session will be added to a Google drive that teachers will be able to access. These can also be made available to the communities of practice across the state. The session's intention is that for the presentations in the fall, we will share sources of topics taught in the fall. For example, Africa in 7th grade, then in the spring, similarly, we will work on topics covered in that time period, such as the Americas. That way, the assessments that are created and shared build upon one another and continue to serve as a resource for teachers. Our goal is for this presentation to be an opportunity to network teachers across the state with practical exemplars of assessments aligned to the Framework they can use, like a CLIC test bank.

Presentation Team:

  • Nicole Gilbertson, UC Irvine History Project
  • Chris Manning, Newport-Mesa Unified School District
  • Marika Manos, Orange County Office of Education
  • Daisy Martin, UC Santa Cruz History and Civics Project
  • Jackie Washington, Newport-Mesa Unified School District