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Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies:

Ethnic Studies positions content as a means to explore and interrogate issues, laws, and
practices that have oppressed marginalized peoples. The goal of an Ethnic Studies
course is to inspire hope in students to take action through civic engagement in order
to improve their communities. The movement to make Ethnic Studies courses part of the
required K12 public school curriculum has grown over the last five years as evidenced
by the course being a graduation requirement in several school districts in California.
The need to make California’s history courses more culturally responsive is a focal point
of the California History-Social Science Framework. For this reason, Ethnic Studies is
included in the document as a ninth grade elective history-social science course. This
course has been part of the Framework rollout presentations, and has been generally
well attended. However, the limited time offered by the Framework Rollout events has
resulted in participants being introduced to Ethnic Studies, with not much time for
reflection, collaboration, or exploration of a potential course. “Ethnic Studies: A
Community History Approach” will be an in-depth presentation that will introduce
participants to the Ethnic Studies model developed by the UCLA History-Geography
Project as well as worked example of a local history Ethnic Studies course.
During the presentation, participants will be asked to discuss their community, its history
and current events, and its demographics. With guidance and direction from the
facilitators, participants will connect their local context to larger historical forces as a
way to identify systems of oppression that need to be addressed by their courses

Presentation Team:

  • Daniel Diaz, UCLA History-Geography Project
  • Roxana Duenas, Theodore Roosevelt High School
  • Cindy Mata, UCLA History-Geography Project.