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Economics, K-11

Economics, K-11

This session will focus on integrating economic education into grades K-11.  It will not cover the Economics course that is a California graduation requirement.  Rather, the session will highlight economic inquiry.  Three topics will be addressed in this session.  First, the session will cover decision making (inquiry) through literature in the primary grades.  A selection of grade-level appropriate materials will be used.  This will support the Framework's goal of developing inquiry-based critical thinking skills, improve reading comprehension and expository writing ability as well as increasing access to economic instruction.  The focus will also be on literacy as well as academic content and vocabulary.  Focusing on grades 4-11, participants will learn about teaching markets where appropriate at each grade level.  The last portion of the session will focus on evaluating public policy using an economic lens in grades 10 and 11.  This session aims to better prepare students to succeed when they become 12th-grade students enrolled in a stand-alone economics course.

Presentation Team:

  • Jim Charkins, Center for Economic Education
  • Janet Mann, California Department of Education
  • Josh Mitton, California Council on Economic Education