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Economics, 12th Grade

Economics, 12th Grade:

This session will begin with an examination of Financial Literacy (FL) as it is described in the History-Social Science (HSS) Framework with particular attention to human capital and benefit-cost analysis as they relate to FL.  Attendees will discover how a focus on the themes of content, literacy, and inquiry will prepare high school graduates to acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become responsible, engaged citizens as they examine economic content, topic, and issues from Chapter 18 of the HSS Framework.

Specific areas of content focus will include labor and financial markets and both the U.S. and Global economies all the while addressing choice, use of physical and human resources, and making informed decisions.

Presentation Team:

  • Jim Charkins, Center for Economics Education
  • Janet Mann, California Department of Education
  • Josh Mitton, California Council for Economic Education