Latest Blog Posts Latest Blog Posts for California History-Social Science Project en Gilroy Teacher Lauren Piraro Wins Rookie Teacher of the Year <p><a href="">Gilroy High School</a> history teacher Lauren Piraro has just been awarded the Outstanding Rookie Social Studies Teacher of the Year for 2021 from the<a href=""> California Council for the Social Studies January 19, 2021 Beth Slutsky Inauguration 2021 <p>On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the United States' 46th President.  Kamala Harris, formerly US Senator from California and our Attorney General, will be sworn in as Vice President.  The inauguration will be historic and unprecedented, given the recent insurrection on Capitol Hill and subsequent impeachment of Donald Trump, as well as the pandemic, protests over racial injustice, and economic suffering. </p> January 19, 2021 Nancy McTygue Statement in Response to the January 6 Storming of the U.S. Capitol Building <p>We condemn all actions and actors that encouraged or participated in the insurrection and desecration of our nation’s Capitol and endangered our democracy’s long history of peaceful transfers of power. As a statewide network of history-social science educators, the California History-Social Science Project is resolved to defend our democratic ideals in order to take a stand against this and any demonstration of racism, injustice, and abuse of power.</p> January 08, 2021 Nancy McTygue 14 Really Good Things <p>Do you remember what you were doing a year ago?  Were you busy trying to conclude teaching that last unit so that grades would be finished before break?  And were you nearly as excited for winter break as your students, so that you could finally spend some time at home?  A year ago, we had just wrapped up a couple of Framework implementation conferences, and we were busily organizing more for 2020.  We were also so excited for winter break.  </p> December 17, 2020 Beth Slutsky Gratitude Nancy McTygue, CHSSP Executive Director<p>The song Mother Blue’s is sometimes wildly inappropriate, but I can’t help but feel inspired when Ray Wylie Hubbard gets to one of the last lyrics. November 22, 2020 Nancy McTygue Grade Groups Bring California Teachers Together <p>Last week marked the start of the Grade Groups for K-2, 5, and 7.  As I Zoomed in and out of each group, I observed teachers sharing stories about what’s been going on in their classrooms – the good, the frustrating, the sad, and the glimmers of hope.  Grade Groups is an experiment for us in the CHSSP network.   We didn’t know what it would be November 16, 2020 Beth Slutsky New Grade Groups Series Starts Next Week <p>Starting Thursday, November 5, three of our nine statewide grade-level series, <a href="">Grade Groups</a>, will begin.  Educators will reflect, connect, and strategize about how the history-social science material from their grade level can best engage their students.  </p> October 30, 2020 Beth Slutsky How We Got to the World We Have Today: 10th Grade Group Nicole Gilbertson<p class="MsoNoSpacing">“How did we get the world we have today? October 28, 2020 Beth Slutsky Early Elementary Changemakers     Brianna Padilla &amp; Rachel Reinhard<p>“Relevance, urgency, interest, and a time where change is both accepted and expected by many educators.”  This is how Brianna Padilla, a Kindergarten teacher at Venetia Valley S October 14, 2020 Beth Slutsky Diversifying Perspectives in 8th Grade U.S. History      Katharine Cortes and Mary Robillard<p class="MsoNoSpacing">“With the reduced time to teach, being purposeful and selective is critical.”  This is how <a href="">&lt; October 07, 2020 Beth Slutsky We Can't Wait - 6th Grade Group to Connect Ancient World to Modern Reality         Alison Waterman and Shennan Hutton<p>Alison Waterman is really excited about 6th grade this year.  The veteran teacher from Orinda is determined to help her students connect the past with their current reality. September 29, 2020 Nancy McTygue The Politics of Supreme Court Nominations Ideas for Teaching about the Impact of Justice Ginsburg's Passing Editor's Note:  the following is excerpted from our latest Teach the Election resource, The Politics of Supreme Court Nominations.  To download the full resource, <a href="">click here.</a>  And for more Teach the Election issues, <a href="">click here.</a> <p>Ruth Bader Ginsburg, arguably one of the most popular Supreme Court September 23, 2020 Shelley Brooks Building Community and Capacity in Ethnic Studies Daniel Diaz, UCLA History-Geography Project &amp; Jason Muñiz, UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project<p class="MsoNoSpacing">“Ethnic Studies teachers are traditionally siloed and probably more so now. September 21, 2020 Beth Slutsky Fifth-Grade Group to Integrate Curriculum <p>“Teachers thrive on person-to-person contact. We all want to feel connected during this unprecedented school year. The Fifth Grade Group will strive to create a community of dedicated educators, while providing content and strategies that are ready to use in a distanced or traditional classroom.”  This is how Kate Bowen, a veteran 5th-grade teacher from Davis and long-time CHSSP teacher leader, described one of her goals for the Grade Group. September 13, 2020 Beth Slutsky Centering Race in 11th Grade U.S. History Holly Royaltey, Devin Hess, &amp; Beth Slutsky<p class="MsoNoSpacing">“We only need to read the news to see that we are in a critical moment in U.S. September 11, 2020 Nancy McTygue Interdisciplinary Approach to Guide 3-4 Grade Group Stella D'Arceaux and Shelley Brooks<p>Stella Nagac D’Arceaux believes that, “…there is a need to amplify indigenous voices and diverse perspectives to history.”  The elementary school teacher at Westwood Charter in Los Angeles is &lt; September 09, 2020 Beth Slutsky Contextualizing the Pandemic UC Irvine Historian Andrew Highsmith<p>UC Irvine Historian <a href="">Andrew R. Highsmith</a> is a specialist in modern U.S. September 06, 2020 Nancy McTygue Race and Social Inequality in 7th Grade World History          Shennan  Hutton and Stacey Greer<p>Shennan Hutton and Stacey Greer are excited about 7th Grade.  The two longtime world history leaders are eager to explore how to “teach about race and social inequality in 7th grade world history,” according to <a /> September 04, 2020 Beth Slutsky The Movement for Black Lives <p>Justin Leroy studies the history of the United States in the 19th Century, specializing in African American history. September 01, 2020 Nancy McTygue Award-Winning Neuroscientist, Psychologist, and Former K-12 Teacher to Kickoff Grade Groups Series USC Professor to Discuss Impact of Trauma on Student Learning and Psychological Development <p class="u-clear">Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D.,an award-winning scientist, psychologist, and former K-12 teacher, served as keynote speaker to kick off the California History-Social Science Project’s <a href="">2020 Grade Groups</a> online professional learning series on September 24, 2020.</p> August 28, 2020 Nancy McTygue