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21CSLA: The 21st Century School Leadership Academy (21CSLA) is dedicated to the professional learning and support of California’s educational leaders- teacher, site, and district- to create more equitable learning environments that ultimately improve success for underserved students. Headquartered at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education, it is led in partnership with UCLA School of Education, the California Subject Matter Projects and seven Regional Academies across the state. For more information about 21CSLA, click here.

CSMP: With an unwavering commitment to equity, the California Subject Matter Project (CSMP) seeks to improve student learning and literacy through discipline-specific, research-based, sustained professional learning and leadership programs for K-12 educators. Our collaborative K-16 networks strive to develop teacher subject matter knowledge, pedagogy, and agency. For more information about CSMP, click here.

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For more information about the Inquiry: Why Now series, and/or the collaboration between the California Subject Matter Project and the 21st Century School Leadership Academy, contact the CHSSP: chssp@ucdavis.edu; (530) 752-0572.