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War Comes Home: In Schools


Instructional Support for Teaching the Veteran Experience

Classroom Lessons

Content Lectures

  • Webinar recordings and presentation PDFs are available.

“Military Psychiatry, Combat Exhaustion, and American Manhood during and after War II," by professor Rebecca Plant, University of California, San Diego. 


Kathryn Statler"Coming Home: Lessons Learned and Not Learned from Vietnam Veterans' Experiences," by Professor Kathryn Statler, University of San Diego. 


Cultural Sensitivity Training 

  • Content support and guidance for appropriate student engagement with veterans and veteran issues.  A PDF of the presentation provided by Star Lara of Swords to Plowshares is available.  Click here for the webinar recording.  


Teacher Symposium

  • June 20, 2015 online symposium recordings and teacher resources are available.

For questions and comments, please contact us at

Get involved!  Visit California Humanities' website to learn more about War Comes Home and how you can participate in their statewide initiative in your community. 

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