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The Cold War Institute

cold war coverThe CHSSP is currently accepting a limited number of applications for a special Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) from the Library of Congress institute:  The Cold War.  The program will include presentations by leading scholars and experienced teacher leaders, primary sources from the Library of Congress, as well as research-based and classroom-tested curriculum from the CHSSP's History Blueprint initiative, all aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

In order to assess the impact of our professional development program on teacher instructional practice, the CHSSP has partnered with SRI International, an independent non-profit research organization based in Menlo Park. High school teachers who want to attend The Cold War institute must agree to participate in this research study, which will include a random assignment of participants into either the 2014 or 2015 institute.  No more than 60 high school teachers will be selected for both the 2014 and 2015 programs.  Click here for more information about the research study.

  • Location:  California State University, Long Beach
  • Dates:  
    • 2014:  July 21-24, plus two one-day sessions during the 2014-15 school year 
    • 2015:  July 20-23, plus two one-day sessions during the 2015-16 school year.
  • Participants will receive: 
    • 35 hours of collaborative professional development, aligned to the Common Core
    • Selected hard copy curriculum from the CHSSP's History Blueprint Cold War unit
    • The Cold War:  A Very Short Introduction by Robert J. McMahon
    • Access to the TPS Teacher Network, an online national community of teachers and teacher educators sharing best practices
    • $400 (in total, in gift cards, upon completion of program and data collection activities)

To apply, complete the following by May 9, 2014.   Pay careful attention to the specific submission instructions embedded within each form.The first 60 applicants (must be high school teachers) who successfully complete all of the following will receive a $125 gift card, which will serve as the first installment in their total of $400 compensation for participation. 

Image courtesy of The Library of Congress. Click on image for more information. Content created and featured in partnership with the TPS Program does not indicate an endorsement by the Library of Congress.

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