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2017 Summer Programs

Join your colleagues at one of our exciting in-person programs across California this summer, hosted by one of our regional sites:


  • Muslim Cities:  Teaching the New Framework (7th Grade, June 19-22)
  • Teaching Ethnic Studies:  A Community History Approach (June 26-28)
  • The Long Road to Civil Rights:  LGBTQ History (June 29-30)
  • Places and Time:  LA History with an Environmental Focus (July 10-14)
  • Teaching w/ Primary Sources:  Continuing Struggle for Civil Rights (July 18-20)

  • Teaching w/Primary Sources:  Influential Women in History  (K-5) (July 17-20)

 UC Irvine

  • Divine Rights of Kings to Natural Rights:  The Origins of the Modern Nation State (10th Grade, June 27-29)
  • Teaching w/Primary Sources:  Continuing Struggle for Civil Rights (July 18-20)

 UC Berkeley

  • Implementing the HSS Framework at the Asian Art Museum (7th Grade, July 10-14)
  • Civic Engagement & Literacy in the HSS Framework (Partner:  Facing History, July 26)

UC Davis

  • Ancient to Early Modern World History (6th and 7th grade, June 19-21)
  • The Transcontinental Railroad (NEH Landmarks, June 25-30, July 9-14)
  • Teaching with Primary Sources:  US History (July 24-28)
  • GeoQuest JumpStart Workshop: Introducing GIS in History & Geography (August 1-3)



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