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Civil War Unit Index





  • Assumptions...7
  • Standards...8
    • California History-Social Science Content Standards
    • Common Core Reading Standards
    • Standards Alignment by Lesson
  • Authors & Contributors...14


  • Procedures...16
  • Modifications/Support For Student Literacy...20
  • Civil War Pre-Test...21
    • Pre-Test
    • Pre-Test Key
  • American Freedom Now And Then...25
    • Activity: Analyzing Freedom
    • Analyzing Freedom Key
  • Freedom Wall...28
    • Teacher Instructions & Example
  • America In The 1860s...29
    • Map of the US in 1850 & Activity
    • Map of the US in 1865 & Activity
    • Activity Key
  • The Civil War’s Greatest Myth...32
    • Quiz
    • Quiz Key
  • The Role Of Slavery...34
    • Reading
  • Understanding The 1860 Census...35
    • Activity: Census Data Worksheets & Presentation
    • Activity Key
    • Important Points for Students
  • Sectionalism In America: North Versus South...52
    • Reading
    • Comprehension Questions
    • Activity: Did sectionalism create conflict? Pro & Con Chart
    • Comprehension Questions Key
    • Activity Key
  • Defining Ideas In Context: The States’ Rights...58
    • Activity: Defining ‘States’ Rights’ through Excerpts from the Lincoln-Douglas Debate
    • Activity Key
  • Chronology Of States’ Rights...63
    • Timeline & Comprehension Questions
    • Comprehension Questions Key
    • Activity: Ordering Events Chronologically & Group Presentations (Event Placards for Students)



  • Procedures...91
  • Modifications...94
  • Election Of 1860 Map...95
  • Freedom Wall: Did The South Have The Right To Secede?...96
    • Teacher Instructions & Example
  • Justification For Secession...97
    • O
    • Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence
    • Activity: Analyzing the Declaration of Independence
    • Activity Key
    • Excerpt from the Constitution
    • Activity: Analyzing the Constitution
    • Activity Key
    • Excerpt from the Ordinances of Secession of South Carolina
    • Activity: Analyzing the Ordinances of Secession of South Carolina
    • Activity Key
  • Alternative Literacy Strategy For The Ordinances Of Secession Of South Carolina...106
    • Teacher Instructions & Discussion Questions
  • Evaluating The Secession Argument...109
    • Activity: Evidence Chart “Did the Declaration of Independence and Constitution Support the right to Secede?”
    • Activity: Argument Writing
    • Activity Key: Evidence Chart
    • Rubric for Argument Writing
  • Ready To Move On Quiz #1...114
    • Quiz
    • Quiz Key



  • Procedures...118
  • Modifications...121
  • Advantages Of The Confederacy And The Union...122
    • Reading
    • Activity: Identifying Signal Terms
    • Activity: Comparison Chart
    • Activity: Essay “Which Side Had a Greater Advantage in 1861?”
    • Activity Key: Signal Terms
    • Activity Key: Comparison Chart
    • Activity Key: Essay
  • The Primary Source Toolbox...128
    • Scott’s Great Snake & Questions
  • The Confederate Strategy: Offensive-Defense...129
    • Excerpt from James McPherson’s Battle Cry of Freedom
    • Activity: Deconstruction
    • Activity Key
  • Civil War Battle Stations...131
    • Fort Sumter
    • Bull Run/Manassas
    • U.S.S. Monitor vs. C.S.S. Virginia (formerly U.S.S. Merrimack)
    • Fort Donelson
    • Shiloh
    • Shenandoah
    • Antietam
    • Gettysburg
    • Vicksburg
    • Fort Wagner
    • Sherman’s March to the sea
    • Appomattox Courthouse
    • Activity: Evidence Collection Sheet
    • Activity Key
  • Making An Interpretation: Why Did The North Win?...151
    • Activity: Evidence Chart & Essay
    • Activity Key: Evidence Chart
    • Activity Key: Essay



  • Procedures...155
  • Modifications/Support For Student Literacy...156
  • Analyzing Perspective Notes...157
    • Perspectives of Majority Groups in 1860
    • Analyzing Perspective Examples
  •  Analyzing Perspective Summary Notes...161
    • Perspectives of Majority Groups in 1860
    • Analyzing Perspective Examples
  • Civil War Historical Figures...165
    • Activity: Perspectives of Historical Figures Worksheet
    • Source Handout: Louisa May Alcott
    • Source Handout: Ella Gertrude Clanton
    • Source Handout: Jefferson Davis
    • Source Handout: Frederick Davis
    • Source Handout: Harriet A. Jacobs
    • Source Handout: Robert E. Lee
    • Source Handout: Robert Smalls
    • Source Handout: George Templeton
    • Source Handout: Confederate soldier Clinton Hatcher
    • Source Handout: Confederate Soldier Michael F. Rinker
    • Source Handout: Union Soldier Charles Berry Senior
    • Source Handout: Union Soldier John P. Wilson
    • Source Handout:  Susie King Taylor
    • Activity Key



  • Procedures...201
  • Modifications/Support For Student Literacy...203
  • The Declaration Of Independence...204
    • Background
    • Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence
    • Important Quotes from the Declaration of Independence with Explanations
  • Lincoln’s Speeches: Word Clouds...205
    • The House Divided Speech
    • Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address
    • The Emancipation Proclamation
    • The Gettysburg Address
    • Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address
  • Analyzing Lincoln’s Speeches...210
    • Activity: Analyzing “House Divided”
    • Activity: Analyzing “First Inaugural Address”
    • Activity: Analyzing “Emancipation Proclamation”
    • Activity: Analyzing “Gettysburg Address”
    • Activity: Analyzing “Second Inaugural Address”
    • Activity Key: “House Divided”
    • Activity Key: “First Inaugural Address”
    • Activity Key: “Emancipation Proclamation”
    • Activity Key: “Gettysburg Address”
    • Activity Key: “Second Inaugural Address”
  • Instructions For Sentence Deconstruction...227
    • What Is Sentence Deconstruction?
    • Teaching Sentence Construction
  • Freedom Wall: Why Did Lincoln Fight?...230
    • Chart Key
  • Additional Literacy Strategy For Analyzing Lincoln’s Speeches...231
    • Teacher Instructions
  • Historical Interpretation: How Did Lincoln’s Reasons For Fighting The War Change Over Time?...232
    • Activity: Part A-Making an Interpretation
    • Activity: Part B-Selecting Evidence
    • Activity: Part C-Response from Historical Figure
    • Activity Key: Part A-Making an Interpretation
    • Activity Key: Part B-Selecting Evidence
    • Activity Key: Part C-Response from Historical Figure
  • Ready To Move On Quiz #2...237
    • Quiz
    • Quiz Key



  • Procedures...240
  • Modifications...242
  • Lincoln Writes The Emancipation Proclamation...243
    • Activity: Image Analysis
    • Activity Key
  • The Causes And Effects Of The Emancipation Proclamation.. 245
    • Activity: Identifying & Understanding Causal Relationships
    • Activity Key
    • Graphic Organizer
  • Emancipation Fact-Finding Mission Sources...253
    • Excerpt from “An Address to the Slaves of the United States of America”
    • Excerpt from William Still’s “The Underground Railroad: A Record”
    • Excerpt from “Petition of Northern Blacks to Lincoln”
    • Print - Contraband, Fortress Monroe
    • Excerpt from Charlotte Forten Grimke’s Journal
    • Excerpt from “Should the Negro Enlist in the Union?”
    • Sketch by Edwin Forbes - African American Refugees Coming into the Union Lines
    • Banner by David Bustill Bowser - Sic Semper Tyrannis: 22th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops
    • Letter about Capture of Private Wilson Wood
    • Image: Sheet Music Cover for “Hymn of the Freedman”
  • Emancipation Fact-Finding Mission Field Notes...264
    • Activity: Field Notes Worksheet
    • Activity Key
  • Emancipation Review...275
    • Activity: Timeline
    • Activity Key
  • Modification: Freedom Timeline...277
    • Teacher Directions
    • Grading Guidelines
    • Freedom Timeline Key



  • Procedures...281
  • Modification/Support For Student Literacy...282
  • Images And Descriptions Of The Civil War...283
    • Category 1: Women
    • Category 2: Freed Slaves
    • Category 3: People Who Cared for the Wounded
    • Category 4: Destruction
    • Category 5: Weapons and Technology
    • Category 6: Death
    • Category 7: Growth of the Federal Government
  • Questions For “Images And Descriptions Of The Civil War”...306
    • Activity: Question Chart
    • Activity Key
  • Effects Of The Civil War Chart...315
    • Activity: Impact Chart
    • Activity Key



  • Procedures...320
  • Modifications/Support For Student Literacy...323
  • Freedom Billboard & Civil War Talk Show Preparation...324
    •  Activity: Group Instructions & Discussion Questions
    • Activity: Historical Figure Template
    • Freedom Billboard Instructions
    • Activity Key: Historical figures
  • Civil War Talk Show Highlights...337
    • Activity: Note Taking Chart
    • Activity Key
  • Civil War Talk Show Recap...342
    • Activity: Short Answer Questions
  • Essay Preparation Guide (For Teachers)...343
    • Defining Essay Terms
    • Identifying Evidence & Categorizing the Evidence into Reasons
  • Evidence Of Civil War Freedom...346
    • Instructions & Essay Prompt
    • Rules for Evidence
    • Activity: Evidence Gathering Chart for Reason/Claim 1
    • Activity: Evidence Gathering Chart for Reason/Claim 2
    • Activity: Evidence Gathering Chart for Reason/Claim 3
  • Civil War Freedom Essay...350
    • Essay Frame
    • Essay Prompt
    • Rubric
  • Civil War Unit Post-Test...354
    • Post-Test
    • Post-Test Key


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