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About the Program

    Developing Freedom in America is a Teaching American History (TAH) Grant awarded by the United States Department of Education in 2009 for educators in Tulare County, California.

    Developing Freedom in America provides a content-enrichment professional development program

    It includes three summer institutes, six semester Saturday seminars, and an online curriculum support community.

    It is organized thematically by year. Participants consider in the first year The Political Meaning of Freedom. Developing Economic Freedom is the focus for the second year. Finally in the third year teachers will turn to Evolving Civic Freedoms.

    The overall program objectives of Developing Freedom in America seek to:

    1. Increase and improve teachers' traditional American history content and disciplinary knowledge
    2. Facilitate collaborative design of new standards-based curriculum focusing on the students' acquisition of historical analysis, interpretation, and content literacy skills
    3. Strengthen teachers' classroom instruction by implementing effective pedagogical strategies for increased historical understanding and knowledge, as well as academic literacy skills



    We would like to welcome Cohort 2 to Developing Freedom in Ameria!  2011 - 2014 program information can be found here. Click Here!

    Check out some photographs from our 2010 Summer Institute!


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