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Common Core Webinars

Teaching the Common Core:  24/7 Webinars (April 15-June 30, 2015)

The CHSSP is proud to announce the return of our popular online webinar series, Teaching the Common Core, available this spring, 24 hours per day, every day between April 15  and June 30.  

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Each recorded webinar will include presentations by leading scholars and teacher leaders, classroom-ready lesson plans, and research-based strategies to improve student reading comprehension, expository writing ability, critical thinking, and historical understanding. You'll learn strategies to develop your students' ability to define vocabulary in context, cite evidence, identify central ideas, explain point of view, conduct research, and write arguments.

Two resource-filled series are available this spring:

  • Informational Text (5 sessions focused on seminal primary sources from the CCSS appendix. Each session provides historical context and strategies for using the source to develop student literacy.  Supports both E/LA and HSS teachers at the middle & HS level. Originally offered 2014-15).
  • CCSS Skills (6 sessions focused on specific literacy skills emphasized in the Common Core.  Supports elementary, middle, and HS teachers and includes both US and world history content. Originally offered 2013-14).                                                    


  • Excerpted text exemplars with necessary background information to help your students really understand the source and put it in its historical context.
  • Lesson plans, aligned to the Common Core and ready for classroom use
  •  24/7 access to recorded webinars: April 15-June 30, 2015
  • Special Edition of The Source:  Teaching the Common Core


Common Core Support at your School or District  

The CHSSP offers a variety of programs for teachers and administrators seeking to align their instruction with the Common Core State Standards.  In addition to online webinars detailed above, each of the regional sites is offering in-person Common Core programs to local schools and districts.  To learn more, write to us at chssp@ucdavis.edu.

Questions? chssp@ucdavis.edu; 530.752.0572





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