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The Future of History Education

created Nov 10, 2015 01:54 PM
*The following post is excerpted from an opening address by CHSSP Executive Director Nancy McTygue at the opening session of the Teaching the Past for Tomorrow Conference, held November 6-7, 2015, ...

Examining European Responses to the Refugee Crisis

created Oct 06, 2015 11:05 AM
by Shelley Brooks With so much in the news about global refugees ( see our classroom resource ), students have probably already explored their own opinions regarding the plight of these refugees. ...

Iran and the U.S.

created Sep 04, 2015 11:03 AM
by Shelley Brooks All the talk about the Iran nuclear deal probably raises certain questions for students, such as why do the United States and Iran come to great conflict over the issue of ...

Geography and History

created Jun 04, 2015 12:50 AM
Originally posted on  May 9, 2013  by Shennan Hutton Today I began reading with great interest  a report from the Road Map for 21st Century Geography Education Project . While my main field is ...

A Cold War Unit Activity

created Jun 04, 2015 12:49 AM
Originally posted on  April 20, 2013  by Shennan Hutton We are hard at work on the Cold War unit, building up its collection of primary sources, visuals, and Common Core skill development ...