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Teaching about Nuclear Energy

created Oct 24, 2017 02:38 PM

The recent Current Context issue, “Iran and Nuclear Energy,” situates the Iran nuclear deal within the larger context of the use of nuclear energy today, and in the past. Page 5 of the resource suggests classroom discussion questions around issues related to the use and regulation of nuclear energy and weaponry. We imagine that students could best participate in this discussion after reading the background narrative, examining the chart on page 5, examining the timeline and then completing the following task:

  • Create a T chart with examples on one side of benefits, and on the other side drawbacks, to nuclear energy.

Please note that this Current Context issue is heavy with what could be new and/or difficult vocabulary for your students. The “key terms” box provides definitions for these vocabulary words, which are bolded in the narrative. You may want to provide additional support for these terms before or during the class exercise.